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Toy cars: Buy the best for your children

It is no secret that children are fascinated by the adult world. They watch their mom and dad driving down the road and they dream of doing the same. That's why children's cars are one of the most desirable toys. They are sized for them and designed to be driven independently.

With them, they will feel like the owners of the asphalt. Some are pedal operated and others are electric. However, regardless of the model, they have in common that they allow them to travel a certain distance on their own. Since the offer of these toys is so wide, we encourage you to consult this shopping guide to choose the best model.

This is how the toy car has evolved


Today, having a toy carved in wood and varnished can be considered a relic because there is no longer such a mode of manufacture

Today, having a toy carved in wood and varnished can be considered a relic because there is no longer such a mode of manufacture. If you stop to think, the toys of the current generations of children have changed a lot compared to what were the past generations, and while the remote control car was a feat in its time, now the little ones can also feel that they drive a vehicle even with high-end brands.

The first toy cars

Throughout the 20th century, it was rare for a child not to have a toy car. While there were other toys on wheels for fun, such as chariots, horse-drawn carriages or trains, the era in which cars were introduced also marked a turning point in the way children played.

Just like today, the first toy cars imitated those classic cars of their time. However, the manufacturing material changed as the years went by: first, carved wood; then, tinplate, cardboard and celluloid; until finally arriving to plastic. The latter emerged with the industrialization of these objects due to the ease and speed with which plastic could be molded as opposed to previous materials.

From then on, numerous models of toy cars began to appear in the market, such as those with drag and friction, which contained gears to achieve movement in the wheels.

The boom of remote-controlled cars

Although plastic cars had achieved more realism, there was still much to be done. It was then that, starting in the 1960s, the first remote-controlled car appeared. While the initial models still worked with cable, its mode of manufacture was evolving until the cars themselves incorporated a small antenna that captured signals from the remote control. Thus, from the year 2000, emerged the first battery cars for children that could be recharged.

The electric cars of today

No child in the early 20th century who played with a totally rigid carved wooden car could have imagined that the youngest children of the 21st century would get into an electric child car of their size. And this is how today's children imitate their parents: through electric cars for any age and sex.

Christmas is approaching and you may want to give a child one of these gifts that will undoubtedly increase their level of happiness and surprise. If you do not know if the car you want to buy may be suitable for the age of the child, you should look for electric baby cars or, conversely, electric cars for children, without distinction between boys and girls.

In the case of wanting an electric car for baby or too early ages, you can find them of different types in the ToysRus page. In this case, parents would have a remote control to drive their little one's car while he thinks he is holding the steering wheel.

Among some models that you can find, the company ToysRus offers several items depending on the tastes of the child -or parent-, either by color preference and brand. Thus, the youngest in the house can enjoy in this Audi 12V red convertible or, if they are more adventurous, this all-rounder Sport 6V CE blue with orange details.

The most important

Children's cars are toys that simulate real vehicles. Every child dreams of being like their mom or dad, so they love these products.
Not only do they represent a source of fun, but they are very beneficial for their cognitive and motor development.
The most common typologies are: electric cars (that work with a small engine), cars with pedals and by pushing.
The best cars for children: our favorites
Children's cars have almost nothing to envy of adult cars. The most innovative models are electric, which means that they are equipped with a motor to reach a certain speed. In relation to the design, the options are diverse, but most emulate perfectly the real ones.

Factories that created the cars of your dreams when you were a child


Who has not played as a child with a car, whether metal, plastic, 1:43 scale, radio control or Scalextric, will have lost an important part of his childhood and above all, will have missed the possibility of having a hobby that is capable of marking our lifeline.

If you remember, when you were a child you probably dreamed of going to one of the factories where they made the cars you played with. Entering that paradise of toys, in most cases aspirational, was better than entering Santa's workshop. That's why we take you back to the past by reviewing, briefly, the history of seven factories where they made the cars of your childhood dreams.


Bburago is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands of model cars in Spain. This Italian company, based in Burago di Molgora (Italy), specialized in the creation of metal cars of 1:18 scale, although in its beginnings they also made their little steps between 1:24 and 1:43.

The care for detail is not the strong point of Bburago's cars, although it is true that you have to be very purist to consider them bad replicas. Their resistance to mummy abuse and house cleaning service, apart from their huge catalog of cars, as well as a relatively affordable price, are the points that have made this one of the most important model car companies in the world.

Tamiya Inc.

The company was born in 1948, when its founder Yoshio Tamiya started making wooden car kits. Until 1955 that was their main product, but that year they launched a motorized tank that marked a before and after in the company's history.

The line of military vehicles gained a lot of weight, so much so that even today they continue to manufacture plastic military boats or aircraft kits. In parallel, the line of racing cars and motorcycles was developed, and in the 80s they launched their first radio-controlled cars.

Tamiya is still today synonymous with the best models to assemble, with an absolute care for detail that has even led them to launch their own line of paints faithful to the originals used by car manufacturers. I have only done one in my life, but that red Ducati 748 still adorns the shelf of my house.


Majorette is a company of French origin founded in Lyon at the end of 1961 whose metal cars have occupied many afternoons of the current Y Generation when they were small. They combined metal parts with plastic interiors and details and their proportions were not always optimal. Neither was the care for detail.

Majorette's cars measured around 7.5 cm and their scale varied depending on the model between 1:50 and 1:66. They also worked on other scales, but that size was the most popular and also allowed you to keep them in your trouser pocket.

With a relatively affordable price, their resistance to shocks was great, and the fact that they sold them in most kiosks, made many children infatuated with these strollers every time they went to buy the press with their parents, who, by the way, bought the motor magazines.

Micro Machines

Who doesn't remember that motto that said "If they are not Micro Machines they are not the real thing". When these types of toys were still being advertised on television, many kids dreamed of having those little, derisory plastic cars in their homes whose scale was close to 1:152.

That was the key to the success of this original idea of Clem Heeden, a toy maker from Wisconsin who worked for Galoob. His models, more or less faithful to the originals, were infinitely smaller than those of most toy companies, and that allowed them to monopolize a market niche that nobody touched.

Their movie car replicas were very popular, and although they were quite expensive compared to the rest of the toy cars on the market, they became very popular. They were alive until the 2000's when the digital era began to carve its decay. Today they are said to be prized collector's items.


Minichamps is for me, one of the top firms in car modeling. This German firm stands out for its 1:43 models, although they also work with 1:18 and have even made 1:8 models. No doubt calling these works of art toys is inappropriate, but I wanted to include them in this selection because although they were unreachable during my adolescence (they cost around 10,000 pesetas), some units still decorate the shelf in my room.

The Minichamps cars are almost exact replicas of the originals, with a care for detail that places them on a higher plane than those surrounding you in this article.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is one of the few brands of toy cars still alive and well today. Not surprisingly, it is part of the giant toy maker Mattel, and that gives it the strength to continue defending itself in the digital age. Since its founding in 1968 until now, the type of vehicles that this brand has manufactured has varied greatly.

Initially they only made plastic cars, but today you can even find spaceships in their catalog. But without a doubt Hot Wheels became known worldwide for the powerful marketing campaigns that even allowed them to have their own series of movies and bring those cars to the general public.

Guisval, metal miniatures

Who doesn't remember that slogan of the Spanish toy maker Guisval, who since its foundation in 1962 specialized in the manufacture of metal cars to scale at affordable prices. A direct rival of Majorette, this company from Ibi (Alicante) achieved great popularity among the Spanish youth of the 70s and 80s, especially for the manufacture of cars such as the Renault 18, SEAT Ibiza, SEAT 127 and other very common models on our streets.

Their attention to detail was not exactly the best, although it must be taken into account that their price was quite economical. You can't have everything. If you want to relive the moments when Guisval's cars were our best playmates, maybe a visit to his Virtual Museum will help you refresh your memory.

We hope that this small collection of toy cars has made you remember the cars we used to play with when we were kids. If you are reading Motorpasión today, it will be partly because they put in you that little worm that makes you keep dreaming of slightly bigger cars today. If we are like children.



Wooden toys are once again gaining more prominence, as they have been created in an ecological way, avoiding the production of plastic which, once it has fulfilled its function, ends up in the dump or contaminates our environment. For this reason, if you want your children to have a great time with a perfect toy for them, we have selected the best wooden cars for children that you can buy today, very fun and with which you can not only develop many skills in the small, but also take care of the planet.


With this product you will be able to enjoy absolutely everything you are looking for, since to begin with it is a truck that includes a total of four smaller cars so that the little one can play with all of them. It has been made with solid wood, so you will be sure that there will be no problem of breakage no matter how much you play with them, having wheels that will move perfectly, having rounded shapes to avoid any accident. Because of its low price, it is one of the most recommended options if you want to have everything in one product, although, as you will see in the following models, there are many interesting versions.


A very fun wooden car with which they will be entertained for a long time. It is a construction vehicle, exactly a concrete mixer, although other different vehicles can also be acquired, to complete the collection of wooden toys. The forms, as with the previous model, are rounded to prevent the peaks can hurt the child, having adapted to children from 2 to 5 years, so that they can grab the toy in a more comfortable way.


One of the most complete products that you can find in this list and that with total security will love the smallest of the house since they have up to four wooden cars that will roll perfectly on any surface as well as the ramps that this model includes. The ramps are created so that the cars can go down all by themselves ending up on the floor. You will surely like the selection of colors and has been made with top quality wood to last even with the usual blows of the small.


It is important that children can, in addition to playing with their toys for hours, that they also have the possibility of learning to store them where they belong, something they can do with this product, since it has a storage box where they can place them once they have played. It has 6 different models of vehicles, including an ambulance, a cab, a police car, among others. The quality of the wood is perfect, being indicated for children who have turned three years old. It is a product that they will love to have since they will be able to imagine many adventures.


We found a product that the little ones of the house will love, since we found some cars that have been made in a craft way so you can feel that your children have the best. The cars have been hand painted with great care, looking for each of its parts are rounded and have no edges. It is a product that both for its dimensions and its characteristics is heavy for children who have exceeded 18 months. The size is perfect so that they can hold them in their hands without any problem.


If you have doubts about whether your child is going to play with this type of toy and you want to try it with just one car, we present you this red wooden car. The dimensions of this car are perfect to be handled with one hand of the child. As it is made of this material, it is more ecological than those that use plastic, and the paints and varnishes that have been used are antiallergenic, that is, they will not produce allergies to the child. By buying this product you will be helping to develop the imagination and creativity of the child as they can create many stories with this car.


A truck that has been made of wood and has many advantages. The first one is that thanks to the use of neutral colors it can be used by boys and girls alike, as well as it has inside the possibility of playing constructions with its wooden pieces. It is a wooden toy that has larger dimensions than those we have seen, so they can handle much more easily, making towers with the pieces or even storing them. Its wheels move to be able to push them and play in the best possible way.


A fire engine that we liked very much for the amount of possibilities it has. It has a total of 11 pieces that can be placed in many different positions to create a unique model. They can play to put out the fire with the blocks it includes, as well as climb the ladder, encouraging and developing their creativity and imagination. The wood that has been used is recyclable and completely ecological, so that the child can have in his hands a perfect product that looks at the environment.


A perfect product because of the activities that can be done with it. First of all we have a nice garage where you can store or stack a total of 10 cars, which enter into the product. Each of these cars has a different color, so that the child can identify them. On the other hand, it also helps them to number them, since on the front side of the garage we have a number from 1 to 10, something that can help the child to learn the numbers and know how many there are at that moment piled up.

We know that driving a car for a child is a fun activity where he will create diverse skills, develop his senses and reflexes, so you will feel proud of his learning and evolution.

What are baby carriages?

Today we bring you the most expected toys for our little ones, for them there are no better gifts, so to you the parents we wanted to give them the best offers in the market.

First of all, we want them to understand how important this kind of toys are for them.

What is a toy car for children, as we can say that varies in form depending on the age of the child as the use of the car for children will be different.

Whenever the little ones see their parents driving a vehicle they dream of doing the same, even choosing the shape they will use, that is why these toys were created so that the children would develop unique skills and also fulfill that dream of driving like their parents, it is well known that every little one imitates what we do so these toys become the best option to develop their vision of life, without a doubt they should buy them for their little ones.

If you want we bring you the best guide to buy a car or several cars for children, explaining in detail what aspects to pay attention to before doing so, because you are our priority and we want your little one to enjoy a toy that will make him really fun and in turn is durable.

Sometimes the choice of a children's car is not an easy thing, because nowadays there are infinite models and designs of plastic or metal with additions that make their use a real experience and fun. Next, we can include the children's cars in three different models:

Function of Types of cars for children


The toy cars that our little ones use at home are different from each other and in total they are divided into three types, it is worth noting that depending on the characteristics of each one you will be able to know which one is the right one for your child and depending on their age.

Pedal cars

They are a simple type of toy, more recommended for babies mostly. It has a basic system consisting of a pedal that goes to the tire of the car that is responsible for giving movement every time the child manipulates it, which favors their vision, works the mind and even helps you move and recognize colors, so if you buy several of them in different forms and colors will help much more to work the brain and develop the field of vision and even speech trying to make sounds like the real car.

Electric Toy Cars

At present they are the most sought after on the market, for us it is important to keep you informed, if your little one is still very small it is not recommended, this toy is preferably for older children. It allows even more interaction with parents and although we must ensure the quality of its battery.

I would say that it is an incredible toy to spend the most pleasant time with our children. They have a slightly higher price than others, but I really think it is worth it, it is bigger than the pedal ones, they look more real, it makes them feel like they are in a dream, it would be the really perfect gift, buying them an electric car in would make them very happy.

Currently, due to the high demand for these cars, there are 10 models that have become the most requested on our website, so we present them below, in order to select the one that best suits the small of the house:

Toy Cars to push

They are mostly for children who are still in the pursuit of learning to walk, having to push them are forced to strengthen their muscles and put them to work, I do not think anything would make them happier that your child managed to give those great patients in a push car much more favorable than any walker and also develop more skills such as touch, vision and listening.

Toy Cars Collection

But if you still don't know which of these suits your child best, don't worry, contact us and one of our sales advisors will be able to advise you at no extra charge. Best of all, he will help you, not only to choose a toy, but you can get one of the great children's toy cars with the following benefits:

While you think that toy cars for children do not bring any kind of benefit you are wrong, because thanks to this type of toy, your children get great skills such as: motor development, has a better perception of things, exercise outdoors and create a self-confidence and unique responsibility. Select the ideal design for your little one and give him a promising future.

How to choose the best toy car according to age
It is of great importance to take into account the age of your child when buying a toy, in the case of cars for example is ideal to understand that a car to push will not be fun for a child of 6 years, so today we want to help you get a better idea of buying toy cars for children depending on their age.

Between 10 months and 2 years:

Best choice of baby cars.

Baby cars are mostly responsible for developing the skills needed to continue their life cycle, toys play an important factor in this, so if you want to buy a toy car for your child between this age will be very favorable to baby, such as push or pedal.

Between 1 and 3 years old:

Your best choice will be to choose remote control cars.

For you as parents will be easier because they can even play with them and handle the car, they will be much more comfortable because they will have many facilities when playing and driving or can not play in a pleasant and fun, being smaller you with the remote control can keep them in sight and care.

Between 4 and 9 years old:

Undoubtedly the electric cars will be a great option

They are children with more knowledge and who want to experiment with more modern toys and more similar to reality. That is why these electric cars are ideal for them, because of how big they are and the variety of options it gives the little one to use, such as lights, brakes, steering wheel, among others that give them a comforting feeling that they are driving like their parents, always in the sight of an adult will be safe.

Advantages of a toy car for children

Without a doubt your first advantage is the mere fun that will be given to you at the time of delivering a gift like this. Every parent will understand how important it is for a child to spend energy during the day, since this will allow him and you to have a good rest at night, since these toy cars will allow you to get that well-deserved rest since it will make you develop all the senses of the child and therefore spend enough energy.
It helps him with the growth which goes together with the evolution of the child in terms of motor development, since every time he plays he will be developing each of his senses.
If you buy a pedaling car your child will be developing his muscles and this will give him more strength to hold himself.
It will give your child self-confidence and also responsibility as he will constantly have to make decisions about how to steer himself and always be on the lookout for careful driving in the face of obstacles.

Why are toy cars beneficial for children?

There are few toys that can excite a child as much as cars. From a very young age, cars are part of their lives. They watch their parents drive and they dream of doing so someday. Children's cars offer them the opportunity to be independent and, above all, to have a lot of fun.
They are toys that help them become familiar with their surroundings. With them, they will gradually acquire skills such as a sense of direction or coordination. They are also a source of exercise, especially if they work with pedals. Finally, they help their self-esteem, as they feel as old as their parents.

What types of children's carts are on the market?

Basically, we could differentiate three types of kids' carts: electric, with pedals and for pushing. The first ones are the most demanded, given their technological component. These models incorporate a battery and a motor that allows the car to move just by stepping on the pedal. The maximum speed is usually 5 km/h.
Cars with pedals require the child to move his or her legs to get them started. These, however, have neither a battery nor an engine. Therefore, its operation is very simple. Push carts are suitable for younger children. They therefore require the help of an adult.

For what age groups are push carts recommended?

Depending on the car and the manufacturer's indications, each model will be suitable for one age or another. Push carts are usually intended for children of about one year old. This means that they are suitable for those who are learning to walk. Hence, they require an adult to push them.
The more advanced models are generally suitable for children as young as three years old.

Note the dimensions of the vehicle as well. There are older children's cars, ideal for children up to 8 years old. In short, it will be necessary to check the characteristics and specifications of each model.

Can children's cars be dangerous for children?

If the toy car complies with all the safety regulations, it is an article that will not present any inconvenience. Especially in electric cars, parents should be more attentive. Not in vain, they are models that reach a certain speed and, therefore, precautions must be kept in mind. This will avoid collisions and bumps.
For this reason, there are electric cars that include a remote control. This device will give parents absolute control of the vehicle, minimizing the risk of damage. Since they are equipped with a small accelerator, it is advisable for an adult to be aware that the speed is adequate. The goal is for the children to have fun without risk.

Purchase criteria

After gathering a little information about these toys, it was time to buy. To select the right model for the little ones in the house, you need to keep certain factors in mind. Below is a list of some of the most important purchase criteria. Make a note of them.

As with any children's item, it is essential to review the manufacturer's instructions. Children's carts can be suitable for an age range of 12 months to 8 years. Of course, it will depend on the model in question. The design and dimensions of the car are decisive factors.

Although there are models suitable for various ages, they are usually recommended for children from 2 or 3 years old. For the youngest, it is advisable that electric cars are accompanied by a remote control. In this way, it will be an adult who drives the vehicle through a remote control, reducing the possible risks.

Type of car

Earlier we saw that there are usually three types of children's toy cars. Electric cars are, perhaps, more suitable for children from the age of 3. At this age, they already begin to be more aware of their environment, so they can enjoy a certain amount of autonomy. If they are accompanied by a remote control, so much the better.

The models with pedals are very useful to exercise the little legs of the little driver. The speed the car reaches, then, will be determined by its pedals. The faster you move, the higher the speed. In the case of the electric ones, they have a motor that admits a maximum speed of about 5 km/h.


Ensuring the safety component in children's cars is vital. This factor is influenced by the materials of the item, as well as the inclusion of certain accessories. For example, it would be desirable to have a seat belt. Impact resistance is another quality that a children's car should have.

If it is an electric toy car, it would be interesting to incorporate a control so that an adult can take control. There are situations in which it might be necessary.


The accessories will make sure that the cart enjoys more or less realism. Generally, all models have a driver's seat, rearview mirrors and a steering wheel. Also, the wheels are usually very similar to those of a real vehicle. The little one will like his car to look like his parents'.

The most complete models have elements such as safety belt, lighting, horn or sounds. The existence of a trunk or space to keep their personal belongings is also a good plus. Some even have an MP3 connection so that the little one can listen to their favourite music. In the end, it all adds up.

Quality and finishes

The quality of the manufacturing materials is important from the point of view of design and safety. Ideally, they should be child-friendly materials, i.e. strong and durable. Plastic is usually the most common material. It is important to make sure that it is robust and can withstand any impact.

Also look at the finish of the vehicle. There are very innovative designs that include all the details. Bet on a model of a well known children's brand or of car houses such as Mercedes, BMW or Volkswagen. This will translate into more guarantees and impeccable finishes. Opt for a car whose wheels are also quality.

Ease of use

That it is the latest in innovation and enjoys a spectacular design, is not enough. A toy car should be a user-friendly instrument. There is no point in the vehicle having several driving directions if the little one doesn't understand how to drive it. It is important that it is a challenge for him, but not an impossible one.

The main thing about an article of this type is that it brings you fun. But it should also not be too much of an effort because you will end up getting frustrated. Sometimes, the simplest thing is the most suitable and it is not necessary that it is the most technological toy. The little one will thank you and so will your pocket.